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Who We Are

Aspire Toledo has undergone a remarkable evolution over the past five years as we have worked to create a support structure that will prepare Lucas County children and families for success in life.

We cannot achieve success if we pursue this goal independently; success requires that we consistently collaborate on integrated initiatives that move Lucas County forward on multiple fronts and maximize our impact as a community. Through our consulting services and data-driven processes, Aspire Toledo assures quality programing is in place throughout the community.

Our leadership team – comprised of regional business leaders, the mayor of Toledo, the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, the Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, the president of the University of Toledo, as well as leaders from the faith-based community and building trades – is creating shared accountability across the broader community through cooperation toward common outcomes and transparent measurement and reporting.

Our History

Aspire Toledo was created in 2012 after area leadership recognized that the Lucas County community was missing a shared focus and accountability towards achieving specific outcomes. Driven by collaboration, Aspire Toledo has united community partners and families around the healthy development and education of area children. Aspire Toledo’s vision became we are better together.

We collaborated with the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, a national nonprofit organization working to improve educational outcomes. Communities that embrace StriveTogether’s approach build civic infrastructures that improve outcomes, eliminate disparities and expand opportunities for every child.

Aspire Toledo identified the need for data-driven solutions to affect positive change throughout our region. The framework aligns local organizational resources and builds strategic partnerships that position the community to seize opportunities for progress.

Our Mission

We believe that by investing in improved education outcomes we can dramatically improve the lives of children and the future economic prosperity of our community through:

  • Collaborating with community partners, organizations and institutions
  • Creating accountability to outcomes by providing insight and tools through data.

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