Strategic Vision

Aspire’s Vision = Community Vision

To create a cradle to career support structure for children and families in Lucas County that will prepare them for success in life.

Aspire has two main objectives to institute substantive and sustainable change in Lucas County:

1. Make outcomes visible and create accountability within the community to achieving those outcomes.

Making outcomes visible consists of defining the shared vision through collective goals (the 5 outcomes of Aspire) and making progress visible to all parties involved.  This means providing feedback on how effectively the community is achieving these goals and highlighting what methods are driving achievement. The community is comprised of community non-profits, local government organizations, service providers, schools, parents, children and funders, both corporate and private.

Without this information, we cannot know if we are making community-wide progress, and we cannot make informed decisions.

Aspire believes transparent information is power and with this type of knowledge, the work of service providers, policy makers, nonprofits and funders will be transformed.

2. Facilitate the adoption of continuous improvement (CI) by providing education and the necessary tools and training for organizations.

Gathering and analyzing data provides insight into the need for change. Once objectives are identified, change plans need to be developed and executed upon.  Change requires strong leadership. Success requires a relentless focus on improvement and openness to the fact that multiple organizations may need to work together to achieve success. This is where continuous improvement (CI) methodology is needed.  CI relies on the use of impartial data metrics to identify and measure which efforts are successful and which are not.  It is a collection of tools meant to solve a specific challenge or problem objectively.

Aspire has embraced the use of CI and is actively collecting the quantitative and qualitative data needed to assess the efficacy of programs in our community.  Using that data, Aspire is developing tracking and assessment tools for use by organizations and service providers to provide visibility into results.  To help organizations understand what data they should be collecting and how to work with the CI tools, Aspire is facilitating CI training through several partner organizations.