Children Are Succeeding in School

Outcome 3 Children Are Succeeding in School
Third Outcome - Grade Level Proficiency in Reading and Math

“Up until third grade, kids are learning to read. Once they achieve that, they read to learn. It’s a vital skill that every child needs to be successful.”

– Dr. Romules Durant
Superintendent, Toledo Public Schools

Students first learn to read, and then, by the end of third grade, students are reading to learn. It is critical for a child’s ongoing success that he or she gets an early start on literacy.

More than 26% of third graders in Lucas County are not proficient in reading and close to half of Lucas County fifth graders are not proficient in math. These are the best indicators for optimum performance at specific grade levels, and are key to our children’s ongoing success in school and careers.

Our children need to demonstrate proficiency in reading and math to succeed in life, and to help build a Lucas County rich with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs.

Aspire is not currently focusing directly on the achievement of this outcome, but many of the efforts being made to ensure that children are prepared to learn in kindergarten will impact their ability to succeed as they proceed through elementary school and beyond.

Toledo Public Schools (TPS) is leading multiple initiatives in this area.  The Partners with Purpose (PWP) initiative is designed to ensure meaningful and strategic partnerships among TPS and participating organizations.  PWP is aligning with Aspire to build community awareness of continuous improvement and facilitating the building of data-driven decision-making capabilities in program partners.

To date, 42 partners have been engaged in Partners with Purpose by participating in a 5-part workshop series and ongoing data collection. Of these, 20 partners serve students in the Waite High School feeder pattern.  Girl Scouts, the YWCA Teen Outreach Program, Jonas Education Services and others have used PWP to improve program quality by focusing on student level outcomes.