Outcomes Snapshot

When Aspire was created, we solicited the input of hundreds of people in the community to determine our most critical needs. Included were leaders from education, labor, business, government and social service agencies, as well as faith-based, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations.

In the end we identified five outcomes that we seek to achieve. We look at them on a continuum from cradle to career.  When everyone in the community works toward the achievement of these outcomes, we will make a sustainable difference in the lives of children and families in Lucas County.


Children are born healthy.

Many community resources are working together to address this critical issue.


Children enter school ready to learn.

Too many children are behind by the time they enter kindergarten—and they never catch up. By the age of five, before most children enter kindergarten, 85% of a child’s brain has been developed.  Aspire has been actively engaged in addressing this outcome.


Children are succeeding in school.

More than one quarter of third graders in Lucas County are not proficient in reading and close to half of fifth graders are not proficient in math.  These are fundamental skills every child needs to be successful in school and career.


Youth graduate from high school prepared for the next step.

Only two thirds of our youth are graduating from high school in Lucas County. Often they are not prepared for the demands of a job, college or career training.  Aspire is actively engaged in helping improve this outcome.


Young adults are ready to embrace career opportunities.

The achievement of the first four outcomes will lead to success in the fifth.  The collective efforts of our community aim to launch our youth successfully in jobs and careers after they graduate from high school.